General Terms

We use to provide reviews and news about poker games and poker rooms and we only provide this information for informational and education purpose only and you can only use this information for that purpose.

We have the list of online casinos and poker rooms where you registered with then you will be able to play free games in those casinos so you will learn how to play the game and have fun.

We suggest you play the free games of every website but if you want to play real money betting casino games then always fix your budget to play and if you lose, then only you will be responsible for that.

When you or a player faces the problem with gambling then we suggest you take counseling from different persons or organizations and if you want to know, then there are organizations about gambling problem that provides counseling for gambling related problems.

If you are a player based in United Kingdom then you can contact with the gamcare.com for gambling related problems and they have huge experiences to provide great cares for the players who have the problem.

The Gamblers-Anonymous is such an organization that will help you get rid of gambling related problems for any player who is seeking help for that cause.


You have to make sure that you have legal age to enter the gambling world and you also have to ensure that gambling is legal in your arena.

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