Blackjack types

Atlantic City Blackjack

To understand the game had better let us discuss all the variations. To start with Atlantic City Blackjack, like Classic Blackjack, can be played both single and also multi-handed with Total cards of 8 decks and at the very onset the dealer takes two cards and if he gets the blackjack, then you just saw money going by.

Bonus Blackjack

The Bonus Blackjack game is similar to European Blackjack with same rules and policies. Played with only 2 decks if you put your bet on the special bonus option, blackjack hands with Jack and ace of spades gives you 50:1 and jack of some other suit pays 25:1.

Double Exposure

The Double Exposure blackjack is different from the classic version. Played with all total cards of eight decks, with dealer cards faced upward its rules are a little different. In fact creating a house of 0.69% is the highest in all variations of blackjack game. European blackjack has same rules of the classic version of blackjack and played with two decks of cards, here all cards, no matter its king, queen, or jack holds value of 10 and Blackjack always beats with value of 21. Aces are found to be either of one or11. With a hit, a player requests for nine extra cards.

Spanish 21

The Spanish blackjack is quite different from all other variations of blackjack game. The game is usually played with total eight decks each with 48 cards inside instead of 52 with 10 cards removed. Here the game is usually played between player blackjack 21 who tries to beat dealer blackjack 21, where late surrender and double down is permitted. You can re double down only once and ca surrender after your turn of double down is allowed. Player get to split at least 3 times so as to make it 4 hands and note that aces can also be respite.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack

The American Hole game of cards, Vegas Downtown Blackjack has also been a popular choice among gamblers. In both single and multi, hand versions there are a lot many variations depending on your choice of game but the basic rules of all remains the same. Played with only 2 decks, the dealer surely hits on 1. However the rule is that you can double down on the first two cards and also after you split. Re-splitting cards in 3 hands are also allowed in this game.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

Lastly, the Vegas Strip blackjack, the most popular game with 4 decks and with both single and multi handed versions. In the game, the player splits the Ace and then holds a card of 10 values, the overall score stands 21. The dealer here stands on 17 decreasing his chance of busting and increasing player chance to win by 18 or more. So enjoy Blackjack and have fun.

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