Blackjack players

Celebrities pertaining to this game may vary from daring individuals to genius brains in the field of mathematics and computers. Some of them do highlight the stage of with prestigious "Hall of Fame." The ideas policies and strategies of these famous icons of the game are very much in demand and can be easily collected from internet or various publications, books, periodicals, websites etc.

Blackjack Hall of Fame

Ken Smith is one such name famous writer on the Internet on the game blackjack with two websites dedicated to the tricks of the game both in casino and also in tournament play. Steve Forte, another master of the game became proactive and shared his valuable information of the Game in the book named "Read the Dealer." The strategies published however unfortunately guided few of the casino management people to change policies and tricks on their table.

A similar professional expert was Edward Thorp, the writer of the book "Beat the Dealer." However he personally had no scientific explanation on his theories, but since he was a famous participant of Hall of Fame, he shared his experience which made the book a popular collection for all players.

Based on his theories Stanford Wong came out with the famous "wonging" theory where a player waits for the right time counting the cards and enters the game when it's profitable.

Ken Uston was one of the notorious players involved in Team Blackjack. He became so known to all that he used to use disguise to enter casino clubs. Team blackjack was more made famous by Bill Kaplan and J P Massar, the MIT graduates who built up the team of players and with their own strategy and policies won different tables of blackjack for years.

Heroes of the game

Some Blackjack masters used strategies to break the game in their favor while others published theories and made equipment like Peter Griffin , with "Theory of Blackjack " tried to teach principles of the game whereas Keith Taft, engaged his talent to make the perfect card counting computer.

Celebrities of the game are not only visible in the pages of history as there are players like Jimmy Pyne and Sam Vaughn, where one is famous tournament player while the other a owner of million dollar bet. Other members like Joe Pane, Brian Zembic, and Barry Meadow also are successful in making history of blackjack players a glorious one. However two important players whose name is worth mentioning in this article is Max Rubin, a consultant, a champion of the game who is a teacher too on how to master the skills of the game and James Gorsjean, a brilliant player who fought for rights of skilled player before casino management.

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