Blackjack cheating

Blackjack is very old card game. It has its rules and betting strategies. Professional consider that in contrast to other casino games, Blackjack is the only card game that can be beaten. Winning hints and strategies are the major key to success. Some people spend years in order to apply existed strategies on practice and gain particular skills, but, some others use various cheating techniques such as:


This method belonged first to the dealers. If the first passed card is either Ace or 10, dealer tried to look on the sly what card will be next. Later, players started to use this technique, "working" in groups: one of them stayed behind the dealer in order to see what card will be dealt and give particular signal.


This is very primitive cheating way. Players tried to mark cards by using nails. But this method is so well-known to the dealers, so that they started to use special light which highlighted all nail scratches and stains from drinks.


It is very popular way of card replacement. It is very similar to tricks. Players hide additional cards in their sleeves and so that in urgent case they were able to change undesired cards. However, such card tricks require considerable hand dexterity.


Is very similar to the previous method, however, it differs a little. If you would like to use one of your two cards a little latter and you know that it will give you a perfect chance to win, it is possible to hide this card and take another one instead. But, as a switching such an action also requires good adroitness.

Of course, described above methods is not the full list of all possible cheating variations. They are numerous. Today casino employees are so smart regarding this problem that know all possible ways which can withstand cheating. Moreover, it is very dangerous. At best, casino security will force you to pay a fine, at worst, it may cause serious troubles.

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